About me

A red-haired woman with glasses standing in Kensal Green Cemetery in London.

My name is Alison Freebairn, and I am an independent researcher from Scotland who is currently based in Geneva, Switzerland.

My interests include Robert Anstruther Goodsir, the 1849-1859 searches for the Franklin Expedition, and Victorian graveyards.

I look for things that have been lost or forgotten, and sometimes I find them.

My rediscoveries include the whereabouts of the paper fragments collected on and around Beechey Island in August 1850, a previously unknown eye-witness account of the discovery of the Beechey graves, and the survival of the Pointing Hand drawing collected by the Schwatka expedition on King William Island in 1879. 

You can email me at [first name] dot [last name] at gmail.com, or get in touch with me on Twitter: @fingerpostblog